It’s rolling ahead…

The study doesn’t contain any study materials. The books and the cds are all gathered, boxed and stacked in the spare bedroom and the shelves are downstairs ready to be relocated. It’s happening. It really is. The contents of our home are being sorted, sifted and packed. It’s been fun. I’ve found loads of old cassettes with singing teens on and Vids with various gigs and shows which I am vowed to digitise before i throw them out.

An envelope arrived this morning with a set of questions from the buyers solicitors along with the contract of sale for us to sign. It really won’t be long now. I kept telling my self that it was ok. I hadn’t signed anything and so when that contract appeared this morning it was a little scary. Not as scary as it could be though and I am sure we’re doing the right thing.

I can’t help but think that when the guy we bought this off said “ah well, I’ve got time to wait and if I can’t sell I can always rent” we should have replied with “excellent how much a month do you want a month?”. We could have demanded a turfed lawn and saved ourselves a fortune. We’d be leaving for Oz in a couple of months rather than 6 and I’d be able to see where this was all going at a much faster rate.

If I were the family about to move into this lovely home I’d be so excited. It seems just long enough away that I can’t really get excited yet. I’m walking back to age 16 again lol. Ah well it’ll be fun. I even have my ol’ bessie mate back in residence in a simliar fashion; although she’ll be in her new home before I can say “HI!!!” and flash my desk lamp out of the window. Lucky lady 🙂

Dreams are funny ol’ things. I’ve always had ’em but I’ve not always been brave enough to see them through (Especially the hard ones). I don’t have any regrets and I don’t want any now.

I’ve been checking flight prices and cancelling TV subscriptions. Onwards and Upwards! Well in 6 months anyway – in the meantime… onwards a bit and then PAUSE!

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  1. Mummy Cow 10 years ago

    Little steps, little steps. Gives me more time to save up for our first visit!


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