It’s the simple things

It has been a while now since I last updated the blogging public on the progress of number135 Broombes lane.

Housemates spent aprox. 12hours yesterday working on the kitchen and dining facilities…

Red paint removed — Check
Magnolia Paint applied (two coats) — Check
Dodgy electrics repaired — Check
Floor Boards swept and beaten thoroughly — Check
Plastic Sheeting laid — Check
Green (grass like) underlay lain — Check
Cutting of floor tiles to align with wonky wall — Che…..

Did pretty well I think!
Walls from the 1930s were never meant to be straight. In fact it is probably best that they aren’t. I mean it adds just a little bit more character; particularly when the floor tiles that you just bought require a nice straight wall and now you’ll have to spend 2 hours finely, slowly chopping the board so that it lines up nicely, πŸ˜‰

Lord of the manor seemed to be a little disappointed that the this didn’t occur on first try. Crest fallen and in dismay he returned to his hopping and measuring (monkey style), considering the problem closely with the Lord of the Flame. His charm and wit returned only with the onset of the rain, which caused the males to decide that this would be an excellent opportunity to stop work. (I guess you can be electrocuted if you use electrical tools outside in the rain- so fair play – cheers god).

At this point Lord of the Flame looked a little like he was about to fall asleep where he stood. He announced that we needed to go home (Span and I were looking forward to some chocolate factory action πŸ˜‰ ) “We’ll collect the tools in the morning”. Needless to say, staying up to see the sun rise because you’re too pissed to know better the night before 12 hours of DIY does not bode well!

Have just called 135 Broombes lane for an update. Lord of the manor and Father of Span are currently still trying to line up that floor tile and that wall. … It would seem that half way through the second day the housemates are making slow but steady progress… I’m off to join in and conduct my usual cajoling and bossing (this means that I get into trouble and not Span πŸ˜‰ That floor will be down in just a few hours and that dining table will be sat upon it….



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