I’ve been to see Tim… again ! (tee hee) and this time he brought an orchestra!

Months ago I purchased some tickets.. Tim Minchin graced us with his fabulous presence in Adelaide and I just had to have tickets… he was playing against the orchestra. Very cool! Last Thursday the day finally came; arriving in jeans and t-shirt to the Festival Theatre, surrounded by a mixture of people in posh frocks and “Rock and Roll Nerd T-shirts” We witness Mr Minchin perform all the old favourites (plus a few new ones) with a live orchestra. Some of my favourite new ones include “Cont…ext” (which, quite rightly, I can’t spoil for you by finding a YouTube clip) and “Lullaby” which I find really funny and am not sure if I’m allowed to find it funny. I’m sure those with little ones (older than a few months) will relate 😉 Here’s a preview of that one.. .although it was SOOO much more awesome with a full orchestra:

He’s just sooooo clever and talented and even though I’d seen most of the songs before I still found myself skwirmming awkwardly to his tales of Sam’s Mum’s miracle eye cure, giggling to the darkside and being left in awe of his ability to play piano, write an orchestral score as well as having an amazing grasp of the English Language. Matt and I were talking about it… Is there anyone else around who can do what he does? If you ever get a chance you MUST go and see him. He’s a neighbour of N8girl perhaps we should send her around for a cup of sugar?

Although… if you’re in Australia….

If you’re in Australia then you can watch the very last concert of his live on Tickets are well and truly sold out for Tim’s remaining orchestra gigs in Australia but if you haven’t been fortunate enough to get yourself a ticket to one of the shows then it’s not going to be the end of the world, especially if you’ve got a large television!

On the 27th March, Tim’s final concert of this tour, with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and from none other than the Sydney Opera House, will be broadcast live to the nation on ABC2 from 8:30pm!

It’s not the first time ABC2 have done live broadcasts, with previous ones including Shakespeare plays, operas and musicals but this one looks set to be something else entirely, as people who’ve already seen the show will know!

There’s a short trailer for it on the ABC website here, though if you’ve got tickets for a show, it contains loads of spoilers! You have been warned! Also, there’s a bit more information on the show here.

And, of course, a little something from Tim about it all:
“It is an incredible honour to be playing with the Sydney Symphony and such a huge thrill to perform in the Opera House. That people will be able to watch the show live from their lounge rooms fills me with dread and excitement, and will fill the switchboards of right-wing radio djs with calls from the outraged. I can’t wait.”

You’ll all be inviting your elderly relatives over to watch this won’t you? There’s nothing like a live show for spreading the joy of Tim!


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  1. N8Girl 9 years ago

    I’m almost 100% sure I passed him jogging a while back, there can only be one person with that hair surely?! He was a bit sweaty, and a bit smelly, and concentrating VERY HARD so I couldn’t stop to say hello.

    Will make sure next time that I trip him up and send him your love 😉

  2. N8Girl 9 years ago

    He was joggin by the way, hence the sweat, I was not jogging.

  3. N8Girl 9 years ago

    Joggin? He was jogginG.

    I should stop commenting now.

  4. Author
    Mochinbach 9 years ago

    silly you!

  5. Mummy Cow 9 years ago

    Brilliant. Yes, being a parent gives you a whole new layer of understanding when you hear this song! Love it!


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