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What a lovely face I could pull at 22. Why'd I choose this one?!

Matt and I have been together for nearly 12 years and married for 3 and half. We’ve travelled the world, bought and sold houses, studied for a degree each, helped each other develop our career pathways and started new businesses together.  We’ve emigrated to the other side of the world so that we can experience life in another hemisphere.  We’ve achieved a lot together but there’s been one thing evading us – children.

One of my favourite students (I know I don’ t have favourites yadah yadah) told me, 3 years ago, that I’d better hurry up if I didn’t want to attend parents evening with a Zimmer frame – that actually made me laugh.  (Teenagers are amusing little creatures – they think 26 is middle age.) I’ve had adults I’ve worked with tell me how much they enjoy still playing tennis with their kids because they had them whilst they were younger – hint hint – and I’m bored with the assumption that people make when you meet them that because we’re in our 30s and married we must have young children.

It’s not that we don’t want them.   In fact, I remember one argument when we were 24 and unmarried where Matt suggested we have a baby before we were married – babies are something we’ve been discussing for a very long time.  We’ve always known that we wanted a family of our own and although our adventures have delayed us a little, we’ve actually been trying to create baby woowaa for nearly two years.  To some, that might not seem very long but every ‘big fat negative’ is actually pretty hard to take –  it gets harder to take with ever month.

About a year ago, we did some ‘investigations’ and were referred to a fertility clinic.  It turns out that, for us, there is actually a biological reason why we haven’t given conceived a baby Woowaa.   Our chance of conceiving naturally is pretty low.  We were told by a GP with sympathetic eyes that, if weren’t in any rush, we could just keep trying and see what happens, he told me to read the content on the Repromed site.  It was “NO” number 20 that helped us make our decision. 20 months might not be long to some, but for us it was long enough.

orgalutran set up

Yes, biscuits are a very important part of the injection process.

We’ve been in the expert care of Dr Angela McClean of Repromed, Adelaide for the last 12 months or so.  We’ve both been poked, prodded, scanned and tested.   It was through this process that we discovered that Matt has a unsually low white blood cell count which prompted a whole line of enquiry that was quite scary but thankfully fruitless.  We’re both proven fit, healthy and ready to be parents. We’ve made the decision to start IVF treatment.  In fact, the reason I’m writing this now, having stayed very quiet about it for all this time, is because I started the injections last night.

I’m writing about this now so that I can share the journey.  This blog has always been about sharing.  Its read by lots of people looking for information about how to emigrate from the UK to Australia.  Now, as our life moves towards a different kind of journey, maybe we can share some thoughts that will support others who are experiencing the same thing.  I wasn’t ready to share these private events before.  Maybe I am now.

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