Last Bonfire …. ?

At the Fireworks It had to be done really didn’t it? Bonfire night 2009; possibly the last time I’ll be around ol’ blighty at this time in a while. I had to make sure I celebrated the prevention of a cruel terrorist attack by the Catholics for one last time.

Last time I was in Adelaide I did enquire as to whether there would be a bonfire night celebration on November the 5th. Well, we imported most of our other customs over there (at the expense of the natives) so why not this? I was told that “No” there wouldn’t be any fireworks on November the 5th, they didn’t do that. When I pressed further (perhaps hoping to change his answer) my friend pointed out that November is Spring. Spring is sunny. The ground is dry. Lighting things up and letting the sparks explode over fields of dry grass and trees wouldn’t be the smartest thing we could do… Good point, well made I thought! 😉

So, instead of fireworks on Novemer the 5th 2007 I probably went for a walk along the beach. The flashy buoys out at sea are a poor substitute for this though:

I love standing there, in the cold, with sparklers and happy children all going “OOOOh”; great fun!

There’s only 7 weeks to go until I fly away. Times running very quickly now and it gets harder every time I see a friend who asks “Will I see you again before you go?”. I don’t know… but I hope so….


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  1. Mummy Cow 10 years ago

    Ooh – nice new home. Sad post tho. Sigh…

  2. Jeremy Howard 10 years ago

    What do you mean terrorists – Guy Fawkes was one of the few honest men to enter parliament.


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