Leaving Speech….

We all know that I’ve run off before (and come back) but this time I promise I’m not leaving just so I can get a bottle of something fizzy for, I think, the third time? (Although, of course, it will be much appreciated.) Instead, I really am planning not to return. Today will be the last day where there’s more than one reason why someone is shouting “Mads” at me across a crowded corridor. My laptop has been harvested and transplanted to its new owner; the projector switched off. I’ve placed my slightly battered (sorry!) Promethean pen in its holder for Alistair to use and emptied the drawers in my desk of unclaimed, bright yellow, plastic rosary beads and packets of gum.
Since 2005, I’ve enjoyed every minute! I have learnt so much from all of you. There are so many excellent teachers here who are willing to share their good practice and, because of the ‘special circumstances’ we’ve shared, we’ve actually had time to learn from each other. That’s made such an enormous difference to me. I’ve been inspired by so many of you. You made it really easy to love every minute of teaching. This really is a place where some of the best teachers in the LA are pooled together and it’s been an absolute pleasure to be a part of that; to be a part of the “journey” of (As Kevin likes to say) “Team Shenley”. I’m really going to miss all of you.
Of course, the English department will have me on constant “virtual link up”. Patty is now fully Skype trained so that they can shove the webcam out of the window and show me the snow that I will be very jealous of. In fact, Jill commented on my blog that she wasn’t sure “why i think that I’m actually leaving. We’re planning on there being a virtual Selena on site all the time…” Good! I still want to hear about all the comings and goings around the school. I know that I’ll be left a little bit lost when I first arrive in the Land Down Under and having a link to my old routine will be great! I mean, I’ll need to make sure that Mr Mc Millan has his “emotions” in check; that Sarah continues to hear a sentence and reproduce it as a lyric in fine voice; laugh when Paula steals the cup of tea you haven’t quite finished because she’s looking for more washing up; hear about Sue’s latest exploits (they usually involve a bruise); wake Ann up at 4 O’clock and cheer Mel on when she starts a marathon race around Birmingham somewhere.

Then there’s Mummy Cow. A name that bemuses all those who aren’t aware of the history we share. It’s a long story, one that starts in around 1968… so I’ll let her tell you some time but let’s just say that Jilly has been a big part of my teaching career from the very start. She was my mentor when I was an NQT, putting up with me. She’s fab! A fab head of department. A fab EMT (Excellent management team as I call them) and a brilliant friend. One who is already planning her 50th B’day in Adelaide! (yay!) Thank you for everything you’ve all done for me.

Cookie and the gang will be sadly missed when I need a coffee and a chat. Look after them. (Beer usually works well) You’ll need them a lot more that you can imagine over the next few years. I can‘t imagine a school without at least 3 fab techies like these on site at all times! Even with their expertly implemented infrastructure 😉
Carolyn, Jill and the rest of the TA team. Enjoy the new opportunities that Genette will bring. Thank you for all your support too.
The future is going to be brilliant for the Academy. I love that we have so many visitors now so they can all see what we all know is a fa
bulous school, with fabulous kids and teachers.
My future will be different now. I’m not going to be teaching when I get to Oz. Instead I’m going to be working for myself as a consultant. I’ll be training teachers to use IWBs, VLEs (and anything else that involved an acronym) and, just as before, everything that I have learnt from all of you will go with me. I will constantly talk about Shenley, its good practices and will try my best to continue to spread everything you have all taught me to the teachers in S. A. I’m also trying to link us up with a friends schools so you can Charge the Academy for a holiday.. ermm… I mean research project.

All that’s left to do is Thank each an every one of you. Thank you for smiling, for listening, for teaching me, for sharing with me, for being you.


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