Leaving the airport.

For the last few months my mantra has been “I’m just going on a big holiday” so why is it that leaving Birmingham airport, where I was surrounded by my family and friends, was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do in my 26 years of experience?

As it was there wasn’t much room to sit and cry anyway as we caught up in line after line of cues. We had breakfast with everyone before making our way to the Emirates check-in desk.

We were hoping for some extra leg room seats (what with LOFs unusually long legs) but when we got to the desk – immediately after the desk number came up on the board- we were told that we should have been there at 9.20 if we wanted extra leg room seats. Ironically, that’s exactly the time we had arrived but we didn’t have a clue where to check in until it came up on the board. so we missed it! Doh!

Once we checked in, held back the tears, but not the hugs, whilst saying goodbye we then had to join a 1 hour que to get through security. This meant that the minute we got into the departure lounge we had to board the plane. No time for the obligatory Bean Burger or to get bored. I sis manage to sneak out of the que (which went up along the top floor, down the escalators to the lower floor, back up the stairs, round the self-service restaurant etc… ) to get me a book -“my Take” by Mr Barlow! Yeah! Just got as far as the formation of TT on page 68 so far!

The flight itself was very comfortable and the staff were great. Five hours would have been enough though. 7 was too long – and the next leg is 10!!! :O

LOF had an isle seat so he was OK too. The trolley did attack him occasionally though :(. We were really excited about the games console/ TV/Radio/Movie screen in the seat in front. Disappointed though that the movies were not “on demand”. You have to wait until your film starts and try and catch it on the right channel. No Garfield a Tale of 2 Kitties either 🙁

Arrival in Dubai was great it was 19 degrees C at midnight!! I haven’t ventured out yet but it’s going to be hot! A Bit different from the freezing fog we left back home. We had to que again to get through passport control in Dubai and then the hotel forgot to pick us up :(. No problem though, we hopped into a local taxi and it worked out to be cheaper anyway!

When we arrived at 2:00 am local time the staff couldn’t have been more helpful. It’s a lovely hotel – with a pool and a spa and we’ve been given a voucher for complimentary massage. Woo Hoo!

I’m off to have a shower and explore – Love to all of you!


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