Life is a funny old thing

It is obvious that if you try your best and put your heart and soul into somethine then the results will be wonderful. Why is it that the minute you start to achieve something other people become threatened and attack?
That’s happened all through out my life. I was chased down corridors with people singing and taunting me when I was at school and now my bosses are attacking me because they’re threatened by the fact that I am GOOD AT WHAT I DO.
Who knows the world is a funny ol’ place after all.

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  1. SpanAir 14 years ago

    Hang on in there lovely, the world IS a funny ol’ place but most of all there are some funny ol’ people out there. Just belive in your ability like the rest of us believe in you and everything will work out. If all else fails you can always have a career in crisis gardening!


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