Lot 332 – Peacock Place, Moana

So, here’s the thing.  We can’t actually afford to buy a house where we are now, we tried to buy one a few kms north where we could afford something built in the 70s (and then never updated…ever.. imagine glitter wallpaper – honestly… GLITTER, FABRIC wallpaper).  We were never worried about that. We’re not afraid of DIY but every time we came close to making an offer a builder would swoop in  and offer cash… way above what it was worth.. They were going to knock it down and build 2/3 on it’s plot.  We were out – every single time.

We’ve got our deposit but, if we buy an ‘established’ home we lose almost half of it on stamp duty.  It was around 5% of our budget which ensured we lost $20,000 to the government 🙁 Not fun at all.  If you buy off the plan (I.e. a bit of land that you are going to build on) then you only pay stamp duty on the land – leaving us with a lot more money in our deposit.  If you build, you are also entitled to a $15,000 first time home owners grant.  It was a no brainer really.

Culturally, it’s very strange that the only way we can afford to buy our first home in Australia is by building one… very strange. The whole process behind buying a new home is very different here too.  There’ s no rocking up to the “persimmon Homes” estate and selecting that plot with that house on it.  You can build what ever you like – as long as you can pay for it and it meets council regulations.   Couple that with a Homestart loan and we don’t even have to worry about paying the mortgage on the land whilst the house is being built!

House plan Woodward CustomIt’s wonderful. We have really been able to maximise the potential of our 450M2 block of land and are planning to build a single storey house with 3 bedrooms, 2 living areas, 2 bathrooms, double garage, study and laundry/utility room.  Not bad!

So, where will be?  About 45 minutes south of where we are now.  Moana is a suburb that is 10 mins in a line from the Mc Laren Vale wine region (i know, but someone has to do it). The land we’ve purchased is part of a new development of around 300 odd houses in a space called “Seaside at Moana”.  Our land release is in the third phase of the build and will eventually be 2 streets back from the sea.  Those other streets that will be in front of our house will not be built for a little while though and as a result we’ll have a view of a field, some sand dunes and the sea for a year or so (hopefully that long!).

Moana (Pronounced Mow-wa-na) is much smaller than Grange but it has a cool surf club (it really is like the one in Home and Away too) and a great little cafe/bistro called the “Deep Blue Cafe”.   The beach is as beautiful as the one in Grange (It’s effectively the same strip of coast anyway) but is one of a very few beaches that you can still drive your car onto (lol) so you can set yourself up with creature comforts if you wish.
Moana has a bit of personality. It’s a little different to Grange.  Houses along the foreshore have been given a little personality and colour (Just look at the way the Deep Blue Cafe is painted) Probably because they don’t have a million (or 2) price tag attached to them!  It’s more ‘surfy’ and a lot less commercial – which might amuse the people who have visited Grange and asked me where everyone is.  It’s peaceful, it has some growing to do and I think we’ll love living there.

This is where our house will be built.

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 6.24.01 PM

Building Peacock Place, Moana

The street is being put in right now…

The development is happening in an old farm.  You can actually see them starting work in this Google Earth image (which is cool because when you look on Google maps you can’t).  That pin is pretty much where the middle of our little house will be.  The street we’ll be will be built directly opposite the one you can see on the other side of the road from the field.

We’re actually on a hill.  So we get great views of the sea even though we’re not right at the shore line.  The dunes you can see are part of a conservation park and there are a couple of little beaches along the coast – one little one called Ochre point looks very lovely.  That is of course, if we don’t want to walk the short distance to the main beach – where the cafes are.

Public transport isn’t as amazing as it is for us here in Grange.  We only have a 5 minute walk to a train station here.  We’ll need to get in the car and drive for 5 minutes instead – I’m sure we’ll cope.  It’ll be a similar distance to Redditch train station from Reynard close I’m guessing.  We all know Matt can navigate that distance – even when blind drunk – so we’re pretty confident that, should we need to get to the city for work, we’re covered. 😉

It’s going to be really exciting!!  We can’t wait.  🙂 We’re hoping to get planning through before June and are expecting an 18 week build time – If we get all the ducks in a row (and they play nicely) we should be in before Xmas – Fingers Crossed!


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  1. Vicky 4 years ago

    Super exciting guys. So pleased for you!!! Look forward to seeing and hearing more as the development of your new home progresses.


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