Matt the Duck Whisperer.

Yes, that’s right he’s really Dr Doolittle…

Dr Duck Little

That duck got bread and water in a bowl.  Bless!

Matt also had his interview with a recruitment company taody and it seems to have gone really well.  His CV ( or resume as they call it here) is being discussed tomorrow by the people looking for a candidate and he should hear tomorrow if he’s going any further.  Apparently, the first stage is an informal coffee and chat with the manager looking to fill the position that will then be followed by an more formal interview.  I’m guessing the company are looking to see if candidates suit on a personal level before they being with the professional one.  It’s a good job Matt’s good at eating and drinking iced coffee!

I spent the day messing about on the interwebs and staying nice and cool.  When Matt got back from his interview we went to IKEA.  When we move into the house on Thursday we’re going to have no furniture until Monday when it’s delivered by the shipping agent. So, we needed something to sleep on and to eat off.  IKEA has an amazing sale on at the moment and has a perfectly fabulous Futon for about £70!  Bargain! So we’re getting one of those.  We also bought a plate, glass and bowl each to eat off!  We’ll have to survive on things that don’t need to be cooked for long and can come straight out of our new fridge.  The one we have to buy on Wednesday and have delivered on Thursday! (lol)  Lots of money is going to be spent over the next couple of days.

I can’t wait to get my stuff back!  To sleep in my actual bed on my actual matress and pillows.  It’ll be sooo nice! I’ll have my coffee machine and tea pot back and my computer and books!  YAY! If you haven’t seen it already here’s a link to our new home 🙂

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  1. Dunk 10 years ago

    Good luck woodoo!


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