Meeting Some Super Stars…

Well I’m half way through next week before I’ve written about last! A bit typical that 😉 So, what have the highlights been?  Well, I spent two days in Sydney last week at  conference where we were rounding off the project i’ve been working on all year.  IT was nice to see so many people together working on the theories behind how best to train pre-service teachers to use technology.

I was most excited to be meeting two men who I have a lot of respect for.  Mishra and Khoeler, the guys who managed the find a framework that I can work with and use to explain how to effectively integrate technology into any classroom.  As this isn’t my teacherly, technological blog I won’t go on too much but it was exciting to hear them speak about a shared passion.  Particularly as they are sooooo damn clever and very cool!

Matt (My Matt not Mr K) kept teasing me about how star struck I might be crying about “the Nexus” and how beautiful it was. Lol…It is pretty awesome in that Nexus though 😉 It’s also weird when the first time you see the people you’ve spent the last 12 months reading about is in the corridor outside the loo.  He  (I won’t say which one) was wearing a TPACK badge though… THAT made me jealous.  I want one of those to wear to the countless lectures and workshops I run on the framework 😉

It’s amazing that I’ve had the opportunity to work with the people I have this year.  It’s been a pleasure to work with so many very clever, talented, passionate people from all over the country.  We even got a visit from the Minister for education.  That makes us, and this project, feel very special I think! 🙂

Matt’s in Sydney now, but he doesn’t get to meet people with badges…. oh no … so there… Maybe I ought to make him one?  There we go 🙂  Things are still going well there (yay!) so that’s good 🙂 Now he has a badge I’m sure it will go even more swimmingly 😉

He does, after all, have a cape and is, after a few bottles of beer, Batman… running through a park in the dark with his cape saving Gotham City from all sorts of no good hoodwinks 😉




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  1. Matt 8 years ago

    Danananananananana Batman!


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