MELBOURNE – Is cool for one very special reason!

Neighbours… every body needs good Neighbours!!

I have had a great time! I’ve met three of the stars, been to Ramsay Street, got some Soap gossip from one of the actors, visited Erinsborough High and driven past the studios! I’ve also purchased myself a rather fetching Neighbours T-Shirt and Pen. πŸ™‚

I’ve got an autograph for 8H as promised and one for myself too.. πŸ™‚

Happy Happy me πŸ™‚

Monday Night was Neighbours night at the Elephant and Wheelbarrow Pub. It was a very camp evening with lots of fun, trivia and Toadie, Paul Robinson and Janelle! Yeah! Stpehan Dennis (Paul R) even managed to get LOF to have his picture taken with him !! I saw LOF having fun – i did! What with the silly dancing competitions etc. It was a really daft night.

Tuesday Morning was the Neighbours tour. LOF refused to attend this one on principle so I went on my own! Woo Hoo! Got picked up at 8:30 in the morning and visited lots of great places and learnt lots of cool things.
Now, even I knew that Neighbours wasn’t real but I do have to admit to thinking that Erinsborough and Ramsay Street existed! lol. I even checked the map (directory) to see where it was and couldn’t find it…. They don’t exist of course. Erinsborough is a loose anagram of Neighbours, Ramsay Street is in fact Pin Oak Court!

Each of the residents of Pin Oak Court get paid a wage by the TV company, have the gardens and pools managed for them and have to move their cars out of the way when filming happens. They also have to have a 24 hour security guard as some rather strange things happen. Apparently Aussie Blokes like to tear into the Court in their fast cars do a handbrake turn and scream Harold Sucks out of the window at the poor unsuspecting residents.

The residents of Number 1 (or 31 – the Hoylande house) is a British family who wanted to emigrate to Oz but only if they could live in Ramsay street! See I’m not the only one whose crazy! lol. They got their wish though and to be fair the area in which it’s filmed (somewhere near Blackburn) is lovely and well erm just like Neighbours really! lol

The school – Erinsbourough High is just down the road. The outside shots are done at Blackburn English Language School. Obviously all internal shots are done in the studios. The school is for children who enter Oz speaking no English. It’s an EAL school. The kids have no idea what Neighbours is so they’re not bothered and they film whilst the kids are around! The famous – first lesbian kiss was filmed on the school site and the school playing fields provided the scene for Jack Sculley’s footy. I also saw the bit under the big sails where most idle chit chat occurs and the stairs where we walk in our uniform and get the goss.

I tried to text mum whilst I was waiting outside the pub (as soon as I knew I was meeting Stephan Dennis) as for some unknown reason mum loves him and wants me to find a copy of his album! God! I did let him know she was a fan. Dad didn’t tell her until that evening though so she was disappointed not the have the opportunity to send me questions LMAO. And we wonder where I get it from!

Now for some gossip straight out of Janelle’s (Nell Feeny – who I met twice)mouth.

Sting Ray leaves the show….
He dies….
The all the Timmins’ leave (she didn’t look happy!)
except Janae…
But Boyd leaves instead…. ooooohhhhhh!

Now none of that is even in the mags out here yet!! Tasty gos. I was worried for Sting Rya though. I like him and I really hope it has nothing to do with that Paul Robinson who is upset out here at the moment because the Timmins’ own 50% of Lassiters and as he told Dylan the other night he didn’t sweat blood and tears for Lassiters so it could be owned by a bunch of Boguns!

I’ll be adding video too but running out of credit and it takes sooooo long to upload! lol.


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  1. Anonymous 13 years ago



  2. Anonymous 13 years ago

    I’m so jealous i want to live on Ramsey street!!!!!!!! Have you been to Summer Bay yet?!!!!! You have got to work with Sally Fletcher. Plus your mission is to get Jack and Martha back together!!!!!lol
    RIP Stingray you will be missed!!!! is it the alcohol that sends him over the edge.

  3. Anonymous 13 years ago

    OH MY GOD I thought all these people really existed you mean they are fabricated ?????


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