Melbourne is certainly a lot more lively than most cities we’ve stopped in along the way. It has a massive Chinese influence with a rather large China town. It’s big and bustling and has a similar mix of old and new to Adelaide except on a much larger scale.

LOF and I have rented a small apartment for 4 days so that means I have a sofa, a Tv and KITCHEN!! A bedroom and a bathroom.. Homely.:)
It’s really nice, right next to a train track though lol. We’re not in the city itself but near the beach at St Kilda. I’ve been sat in an internet Café for 2 hours now lol. I dunno !
It’s ok though because we’re here for a while!

The tennis Open starts here on Monday so accommodation gets scarce after that so we’ll be off to Canberra on Tuesday afternoon.

I’ve booked Neighbours night for Monday where I’ll get to meet some of the stars (There’s beer so I managed to persuade LoF to come to) On Tuesday morning I’m off to visit Ramsay street, Erinsborough High and have my picture taken by Harold’s fence! Lof could not be persuaded to attend so I’m on my own – I don’t care I’ll be so excited!! Lol. You can’t visit Ramsay street anymore unless you’re on a tour as the tourists kept messing up the people’s gardens! I didn’t come all this way not to visit it now did I! lol

By the way Lof’s been blogging too. Just click on the link that’s on the right 


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  1. Mummy Cow 13 years ago

    Hey Babe – what an amazing few days! Can’t believe how much you’re doing. Thank you for keeping this up to date. Are you still on the same email address?
    Hope you don’t get his cold…

  2. ManInOz 13 years ago

    Same email address MC just being lazy responding to emails 😉

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