Merry Christmas!

The boxes were unpacked in record time and the tree,  tinsel and baubles were all put out just in time.  We’ve moved away from Searange and into our new address.  Matt, his mate and a trailer…  It took a while but we got there in the end!  Moving house, with a small beasty, is very interesting!  Thank goodness for friends taking him out for a walk so I could unpack!  Everyone is nicely settled now and the cats have been allowed out too.  Hendrix was out no more than 5 minutes when he discovered a lizard to snack on :/

Visiting SantaThe big story, I guess, is Christmas though!  Tristan’s first encounter with the man in the red suit went quite well.  He was a little wary of the big beard with eyes but eventually was cool with it, as long as he could sit on my knee.  We ended up with a lovely shot of Matt and Santa though 😉

The strangest part about this visit to Santa was his Australian accent.  I’ve never met a santa who was so convincingly NOT form the North Pole.  Obviously, all inhabitants of the North Pole speak with a very lovely English accent (!) I’d never really thought about that before! Tristan was more impressed with the sparkly lights, the puppet the camera lady had and the toadstools on the floor. Never mind Santa, maybe next year?

We went out for dinner Christmas Eve at a  friends house.  Turkey, Salad, ham, cannelloni, cake, ginger bread houses…  SO MUCH FOOD!   It was lovely though and there were lots of kids and family at the house.  We were treated to several “performances” form the kids which reminded me of the shows Kelly, Natalie, Andrew, Fiona and I used to perform in front of my Nan’s fireplace every year. Very funny.

It did mean that we weren’t around Christmas Eve to get organised so we had to wrap presents and get organised on the Eve of Christmas Eve.  That nearly didn’t happen either… I had the dates all mixed up and it wasn’t until my friend told me she was looking forward to our (aforementioned)  feast tomorrow that I managed to get my bum into gear!!  Funny. There were mince pies to make, cakes to ice, salads to prepare, veggies to organise and presents to wrap All in one evening… because I am a doofus and hadn’t looked at my calendar.  When have you ever known me not to know exactly how many days until Christmas?  A sign of the busy nature of the last few weeks i guess!

We were wrapping presents for several hours.  Lots of people had cleverly ordered from Aussie websites and had Tristan’s pressies delivered to our house directly.  That meant lots of wrapping and a rare 9pm trip to the shops for Matt to get more wrapping paper.  It was also the first Christmas where we had to build trikes and remove batteries. Aunty Mel bought Tristan this awesome little dog that barks when you pull it along.   We decided that we would wrap the pressy sans packaging so that Tristan could play with things straight away.  Amusingly Digger the Dog was woofing so much that he had to have his batteries removed.  Spooky growling noises from under the Christmas Tree (out of context) would not do! It was very funny though!  Never fear, he is fully powered again now and being loved by T. 🙂

It is wonderful that so many people remembered and wanted to share in such a special Christmas for the Woodward family. 🙂 It’s still strange having Christmas in Australia, so far away.  It’s warm (32 degrees), it’s light and sunny  (No Christmas Fog or frost) and even more strangely, extended family are limited to slots in the morning or the evening over Skype (due to timezones) My Mum and Dad have my Nan and Granddad with them this year so they stayed up late Christmas Eve to watch Tristan opening the presents they had sent him.  We caught up with Kel, Zoe and Adam on Christmas Eve and on Christmas day and managed to grab Ray a couple of times in between turkey dinners 🙂  

Of course, Tristan was most excited by the fact that he was finally allowed to pick up paper and TEAR IT UP!  WOOO HOOO! Once he noticed his pressies he was very happy to explore them.  In fact, Christmas day saw a new sound or word for Tristan .. “Ooooh” with the correct intonation.  Very cute.  He had heaps of pressies and was completly spoiled.  New rugs with a road on for cars, a trike, some books, some clothes, the doggy from Aunty Mel, mega blocks, a puzzle duck and puzzle board, a dino and much more!

IMG_1892 I got Matt Rocksmith for the Xbox in an attempt to get him away from Autoconnect of an evening… So far, it’s working 😉  He’s happy strumming away. It’s been years since those guitars have seen some love and it’s really good to see him getting back into it.  He may not have a band to play with at the moment but now he can play along with the computer and it will JUDGE him.. lol  It’s so cool that you can plug in your own guitar and play along to hundreds of tracks.  There are even arcade games that you can play using chords, slides etc.  Great fun! 🙂 In the end most of the day was taken up eating with our lovely friends Lyndon, Robyn and their two children Bella and Zac (Zac and Tristan are a day apart in age).   Matt had ‘accidently’ selected a 5.6KG turkey – Tristan was 3.6kgs on the day he was born….  so there was plenty to eat!  Have a little look at the piccies below.  I hope you all had a lovely Christmas 🙂



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