Month 7 – Father’s Day, Granddad’s, Ceiling Fans and Standing

IMG_1770Month number seven for Tristan was very cool.  He got to celebrate his very first Father’s Day.  We took Dad out for lunch and bought him a card and whittling kit.  (That was a clever join anniversary (wooden) and Father’s Day pressie).   Matt had told me stories about how he enjoyed hanging out with his dad making things from bits of wood with a knife. I don’t get it, but I respect it enough to imagine him doing the same thing with Twisty one day!  Perhaps not in the very near future though please.  A toddler and a knife sharp enough to cut wood… i don’t think so!

It also turned out that this month was going to see the last course of Mums and Bubs Yoga that we would attend.  You can only go until your child is mobile enough to try and eat the candles.  Tristan isn’t quite there yet but the last class before Christmas has already been and gone and I have a very funny feeling that by the time the New Year rolls along he’ll be crawling if not strolling around getting into all sorts of trouble.  I already miss Yoga.  It’s like being the rusty tin man who needs oiling.. I need to stretch and get my muscles back to where they’re supposed to be.  They spend most of their time all knotted and tight from lifting and feeding a 10kg baby!

It was in this month that Tristan decided to attempt to pull himself up to standing.  He started by using the sofa, the cot, anything that he could grab and now has the fantastic wooden toys that he acquired as a result of Matt’s frequent flyer points from the start of the year.

He also got to spend some quality time with his Granddad who flew all the way from England to see him.  They went for long walks, ate together, drank together, swapped stories and went to the Adelaide show to see the animals and men chopping wood.  It was great 🙂  It was at the Adelaide Show that Tristan demonstrated that his love for ceiling fans.  We took him to the small animal barn to see baby sheep, cows, chicks etc  and all he wanted to do was watch the ceiling fan!  We have plenty of those at home thank you very much! lol  Perhaps next year?

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