It’s a great name isn’t it? MOODLE.
It stands for:


It’s a web 2.0 thing. And this is where Austrlia seems to have focused their response to ICT In education. I love it!

I tried, unsuccessfully, to understand Moodle when I was working at Tommy’s but now? I have just started a course in them! How to create them, run them, have students use them etc. They truly are ACE and I can’t wait to know enough to set one up for Shenley students.

My homework on the course was to play with it. To create a new blog which would document my learning journey and to contribute to one of the forums on the Thebarton Moodle.
Well… You know me….
I couldn’t resist.
Click here

Instead. I created my very own instance. I set up the open source stuff on the webserver and have created a place for teachers to share their IWB resources, talk to each other, support each other, share ideas etc. I’m going to be placing resources up there and I am very curious to see what happens. A little more than the “baby step” that I was advised to take at my last session.! lol
Not content with playing with the class that was already set up I installed a completely new “instance” created some classes, organised a database and several forums and have told a whole heap of teachers about it tonight at the intermediate IWB training session I ran. So… I wonder what will happen next!

of course, If you’re from Shenley, then you’ll want to join, take a look and get used to the way it looks and feels! You may even want to share a few resources and talk to a few Australia teachers…. I have a feeling you might be seeing a few more of these when I return in January lol. πŸ˜‰
I know that PB is desperate to tell someone that she can’t attend a meeting because she’s busy Moodling! πŸ˜‰

Such a nerd but what can I do?
I’m not sure Bogus, Dunk and Noj’s bro knew quite what they were letting themselves in for when they said I could share their domain….:)


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