More Crusading…

I just have to share this with you…

This girl (at 12 years old) addressed the UN in 1992.  That makes her the same age as me.  This video was filmed as I was making a fuss at school in the “Green Club” (run by Mr Gent at Walkwood C of E – thank you Mr Gent!).  I was making decisions about becoming vegetarian, giving up meat because it was too complicated to ask where it came from and how the animals had been treated.

Listen to her.  Infact, as a point in case, Matt thinks I’m watching more environmental propoganda from today and is replying to her questions in silly voices.  This video could have been made by a child of today.  And that makes me sad.  Have we really achieved so little?  Not made any difference. Have we become the adults she was so disappointed in?  I hope not.

Thanks to Ian Somerhalder for pointing this link out in a tweet he sent.  He has a real conscience when it comes to this stuff… He’s worth following on Twitter if you’re interested in this kind of thing :0) @iansomerhalder

and yes.. before the jokes come… he is hot 😉  but that’s not the reason I follow his tweets 🙂

update: –> 2002 SEVERN CULLIS-SUZUKI ‘s update 😉

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  1. Gaynor 9 years ago

    Well done Sell, I remember the time when staying at your house I would follow where you had been and turned the lights of, on a bright morning. Back on you turned them, and told me off for sitting in the dim daylight. “Do not waste electricity I would say but you liked the lights on. Well at long last you have caught up and you are doing what I do. It certainly saves on your bills too does it not . Best wishes may you too learn to see in the semi light lol


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