Motorbike LOF and Moch

LOF has a bike. It’s big and black and chrome and shinny! 😉 (A Triumph Bonnie)

I went on his bike! (Woo hoo!) I got to hold onto a “sissi” bar and ride around on the bike with my helmet (£60), my jacket (£70) and my boots (£100)! Who knew that when your OH gets a bike you emd up forking out £200s so you can ride on the back!! OMG – You certainly don’t have that problem with a car now do you! (Be warned Hoppy!)

What was it like?
Cool actually. I was quite happy on the back whereas I think LOF thought that he needed a stiff whiskey and coke when we returned to calm his nerves! Bless. I thought he did really well and although it was dark (and a little cold) I felt perfectly safe!

When LOF arrived at the house on the “beast” last weekend mother took lots of pictures. As you would expect she made him pose with the bike! ;0) I’ve called her to ask her to email me them – when she works it out I’ll add them to here so you too can share in his glory! When I arrived yesterday, fresh from the biking trip and without my helmet, didn’t even recognise me!! (Typical!)


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  1. Ant 11 years ago

    Hey, very cool!


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