Mummy Verses the World of Work

Mother's Day CardToday, May 12th 2013, marks the first of many Mother’s Days for me.  Just over four months in and I get to celebrate already!  Today is different to my usual Mother’s Days.  I did, of course, send my own mum flowers and a card but now I’m a Mum too and I’ve got a whole new perspective on what that means.

Today, Mother’s Day was a celebration of that fact that I am now a Mum!  It was a day to remember just how lucky I am to have Tristan here with me and what a wonderful little boy he is.  In many ways, for me, it’s really “Son’s day” 🙂  It’s also a day to reflect on what we’ve all managed to achieve in the last 4 months.  To consider how much we have all learnt and grown together as a family and to look forward to whatever comes next.

There was a time when a 7 week half-term would drag… I can’t imagine that happening at the moment!  I can not believe that Mr T is 17 weeks old (18 in a couple of days).  It really has gone by like a whirlwind and when I look back of pictures of us in his very early days, I can’t believe how much we have all grown.

He has, of course, out on weight, has grown as a little boy should both physically and mentally.  Matt and I have grown differently.  I have, thankfully, shrunk physically! (weee!) but mentally and emotionally I’ve grown enormously.  Becoming a mum really makes you see things in a different way.  It takes a bit of getting used to this altered ‘ world map’ too because the things I am passionate about in everyday life simply can not compete with Tristan.

I am usually a go getter.  I write books, blogs, apps, I speak at conferences, conduct PD in schools, get involved in as much as I can in my local educational community.  My passion for learning and teaching has been one of my biggest drives over the past few years.  It’s not that I don’t have time for it now, or that my passion has waned at all, it’s just that Tristan is more important – a bigger, more fascinating passion. As I learn how to navigate this motherhood thing, the energy I usually reserve for my work is being consumed by someone else 😉 and i love it!

It’s hard when people email me to offer me work though.  I want to say yes. I always say yes.  3 hour drive? 2 hour flight? No problem I’ll be there… but not anymore.  I’ve been offered hours in semester 2 and I honestly thought that I would want to go back to work and “keep my brain active”.  I seriously underestimated the amount of brain power ‘figuring out babies’ require! It’s like doing a Masters in childcare 🙂

IMG_1374I’m the keynote speaker at the state’s English Teachers Conference on Saturday.  What would normally only take a few hours to prepare took me weeks! I have to fit it in around a young man who doesn’t do day sleeping… it takes a little longer that way!  I’m nervous, to be honest, about delivering the speech as it feels like it’s been a while.  I’m sue it’ll be fine (it usually is) but it feels a little more daunting that it usually does.

I’ve also got a few whole days booked to do some consultancy in schools. I’m fine with that… but I don’t think I want anymore.  I’m happy enjoying Tristan and learning all about him.  It’s wonderful and  I have a choice.  We’re used to living on one wage now.  It’s tight but do-able.  So, I think I’m going to start saying “no” and keep developing my mummy skills 🙂  That’s really surprised me!  My career has always been a massive driving force in my life.

I know that I can go back to it anytime and, what with my networks on Twitter, Facebook, Linked in, Google plus (etc) I can stay connected and dip in and out of conversations if I like.  I can write the next book, work on the app and enjoy my baby 🙂  I’m going to be a stay at home for a bit longer I think 🙂



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