Will there ever be enough snow? Will there ever be enough snow that I won’t have to go to work tomorrow. The answer is inevitably “no”. Would love some time to sit in my classroom and catch up with all the loose ends that were left by my predecessor – you know like the 25 coursework folders that were never marked (AT ALL!) that need to be sent to the examiner in a couple of weeks. I also need to tackle the mass of paper (wordsearches and grammar sheets) left by said predecessor, that are piled up on my bookshelf. I assume that this was pretty much all my students completed in the 14 weeks the weren’t with me. I think most of it will go in the bin. I’m nervous however that I’ll find some missing coursework lying amongst the debris!

I love my new job, don’t get me wrong, it was the absolute best thing I ever did. I just get really upset (and a little angry) when I think about how those pupils have been left floundering for such a long time. It should never be allowed to happen and I often wonder if their parents cared a little more whether they would have been up at the school complaining long before year11 got into the state they have done. It’s a waste of talent and the senior management team who allowed it to get into that state (who were promptly sacked over last summer) should probably be ashamed of themselves. I’m just glad that it’s being sorted now so at least they have some chance of making up lost time; although 13 weeks really isn’t long enough to complete a whole GCSE course.

I am amused at the thought of span with a black eye and constipation but do feel very sorry for her. Poor little chick. However I think it only fair to warn her that, if i’m given time to do so, I will be making a picture fit of her with a black eye. I have some lovely photographs of her that would look hilarious after a bit of jiggery – pockery in photoshop. πŸ™‚ :0)

Mark has been skating dangergous close to war with his recent posts. I would be particularly scared of the mushroom folk if I were him. It always amuses me how well he can write. He has a unique and fabulous style and clearly belongs in a newspaper or magazine office writing

Dunk on the other hand has been deep sea diving and is worried that he’s going to get the bird flu in Egypt. He reckons it’s becoming a real problem out there, it’s just that no-one is saying anything about it (except covering it up!)

Hendrix is currently trying to get my attention by walking across the keyboard whilst I shout NOoooo!! Bless him. I think I’d better stop waffling and give him a hug.


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