My favourite room

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My bedroom. And no, not for kinky reasons!! (lmao) I love snuggling in my duvet with a good book. Whether that be in the morning or late at night whilst I have lost my husband to the make-believe World of Warcraft, I can sit and read and get lost in an entirely different adventure.

Sitting up, in bed, with piles of soft, cushioney pillows behind my head is soooo relaxing; especially if you can soften the light just right. Too dark and you get a headache from straining your eyes, just right and it's atmospheric and relaxing.

If it's raining outisde, as it frequently does in the UK, then it really is the best place to be. As the rain hits the window i can snuggle up a little more and know that I am warm, safe and comfy. Sometimes if I'm really lucky my cat will join me and then I have an excuse not to move. I mean, I can't deny that purring ball of grey fluff cuddles now can I?


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