No more BB
That’s it! It’s over 🙁

For the last few weeks I have been entertained by: the tantrums, the tears, the stalking and the evil behaviour of a bunch of individuals who were crazy! I have to admit that during the past 3 weeks I have had BB live and streaming through my television all day whilst Matt’s been at work. I’ve found the chatting individuals to be a comfort in my quiet little house.

I wanted Eugene to WIN! I had a warm fuzzy feeling when we watched his best bits. No such feeling when watching Anthony’s. He’s such a sweetie, Don’t you just want to mother him and teach him how to get a life outside Radio? lol

We watched the final with a slightly dodgy curry at Span’s house. We were celebrating the arrival of this lovely sofa and were able to watch in a sheer comfort from the seat of the squishy, luxurious seat of the Davis/Kiloh Klan; some small comfort in the face of the next 3 weeks without BB.

God I need to get a life. As one very well respected man told me yesterday “There are people actually praying that there won’t EVER be another one!”

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  1. Anonymous 14 years ago

    Hi, I did the BBTOONS cartoon BigBroither website and saw you linked up the site, and ya miss BB…. HUGZ same here!

    Thanks for the linkie:)

    Hopefully BB7 will be good next year eh!

    Lead Artist


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