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I’ve just sat through something about two crazed dogs who like sex and weeing too much. They were tamed by a stern looking woman. Now it’s time for Super Nanny, who will endeavour to do the exact same thing; this time with children.

What are the bbc trying to say? mmmmm?


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  1. unclebogus 14 years ago

    The super nanny is going to stop the children having too much sex and peeing too much? What?

  2. Mochinbach 14 years ago

    Mr Bogus!!

  3. SpanAir 14 years ago

    I think TV would be alot more interesting if they just let them all get on with it, sack Super Nanny and the Dog Training lady and just let them all have sex and pee.

    Think we might have to pay extra for that channel though….

  4. UncleBogus 14 years ago

    Is this the Dog Sex Channel? I don’t think I’d want to pay for that. And even if it was free, I wouldn’t want to watch it. Unless I was really amazingly drunk and thought I was watching Pokemon or something.

  5. SpanAir 14 years ago

    So you really wouldn’t want to watch the kid sex pissing dog channel?

    I think Pokemon already does that in the Japanese version, they must change the script when they dub the voices. When you hear “Let’s play pokemone! Yeah!”, what the Japanese hear is “I pissed myself while I screwed my Dog! Yeah!”

  6. Mochinbach 14 years ago

    you two are mad! lol


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