Oh what a to do!

So today marks the day where the countdown clock stops talking about months and begins to count down only in days… There are 30 of them to be exact (unless you’re reading this on any other day than today of course!)

With 30 days to go most of the details for the summer Soire are now in place. This week has seen hair and make-up trials, Cake choosing, budget organising and Hen and Stag dos.

Now the boys, it would seem, consider getting so drunk you can’t lift your head and have to miss half the weekend end as the best way to spend your time. Being women we were, of course, far wiser and had a wonderful time at the SPA in Nothamptonshire. Although the buzzing of the formula one cars at Siverstone could be heard in the the distance the mood was far from rushed this weekend. We spent quite a lot of time just lying around while other people brought us food and drink and made our faces and bodies the happiest they had been for a while.

Although the focus was very much on relaxation, detox and all things body our minds got a good massage too. We spent the whole weekend reminding each other just how fabulous we really are! We are four hot chicks! 😉 Don’t you forget that husbands, boyfriends, fiances and potential flings!

The place was amazing and although I was a little concerned when Span informed me that we would be experiencing “hot ice” treatment – which she was convinced involved standing in hot water whilst cold ice or ice water was chucked at you, my fears were unfounded. The “Hotice” treatment invovled moiving from room to room – a hot one and then a cold one. I’ve never seen so many different saunas and steam rooms. There were crystal ones, Salt ones, ones with birds tweating along to flashing lights and one which was just hot! There was a foot spa and a whirl pool and fine dining! Mmmmm tasty fine dining. The Hens did some serious chowing down on the likes of wild boar with quail eggs and some amazing desserts! I, of course, opted for the veggie option!

There was no getting horribly drunk but there was a tasty bottle of Pinot Noir which set us back £40! OOps! I say we but the hens clucked around and paid for it all… I’m sure I must owe someone some money somewhere…

Saturday will see the fitting of the bridesmaids dresses and then I think we’re almost done! Only 30 days to go!! woo hoo!


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