On Modern Cloth Nappies

I have a couple of pals who are about to have new babies in their lives (Very exciting!) They have watched Tristan and I using Modern Cloth Nappies (MCNs) and have begun to get curious.  I wrote to them with all the details of what I used and where I bought it all from.  The info in that email might be useful to other mums who are considering following the MCN pathway so, i thought i’d share it here.

Let me just say that MCNs are excellent and I’ve not had a single regret about using them.  They’re not hard work, they’re not messy and gross and you don’t need to soak them in buckets of water. You just shove them in the washing machine and hang them out to dry.   With the current cost of nappies  we paid for our cloth nappies (and all the other bits listed) with the equivalent of 5 months worth of huggies.   So, even if you’re worried about washing costs you can see it’s going to be difficult not to save money.

Here’s what I wrote in the email 🙂

So…. I get all my nappies from http://www.charliebanana.com/  They used to sell them in Toys R Us but they don’t anymore for some unknown reason.  It was always cheaper to get them from the website anyway :)I have the One Size nappies.  You can buy them in boxes of 6 which makes them cheaper or you can order them individually.  The site now has what they call “Starter Kits” too.  The only things I’d say about that is you might not want the disposable inserts, the washing powder, the mini tote bag (I just use nappy bags remember),  and a few of the other things.I’d start with:

  •  4 boxes of nappies – they come with the liners you’ll need in the box. ( giving you 24 – enough for two and bit days with a New Born – You might even get away with 3) and
  • 2 Hanging Diaper bags –  This is what I use in my nappy bin.  One in the bin, one in the wash 🙂
  • Some bamboo liners:  I get mine from this fab business in QLD ( I found this site late..they do bamboo breast pads cheaper than charlie banana too so that might be worth checking out)
  • I have the Ubbi bin.  There are now stockists in Australia which is great! – I think mine came from the US!!!

This is what I have always had Twisty in for swimming (since he was tiny one) and will be using as training pants.  I  ordered 10 the other week for potty training but usually only have 1 for swimming :)On the breast pads front…  I had these  You can get them lined in black or white. I had both so I could wear them in corresponding bras 🙂Charlie Banana have been fantastic for us 🙂 Remember that the prices shown are in US dollars.  The only tricky part is their site doesn’t calculate shipping properly so they’ll email you after you’ve made your order to ask you to pay a little more.  It’s also worth looking around on eBay etc to see if anyone has any sales/ deals on the nappies 🙂  It’s rare to find them cheaper though.I’ve also used BabyBeehinds to get accessories like bamboo liners and wash cloths.  These days I’d just use that ebay store above though :)Hope that helps!



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