One day more!

HP6 is out of the way, the Dvds have returned to their normal place (by the side of my telly), the children have stopped throwing water and answering back; there’s one more day till the summer holiday.

The last day of school, for me at least, will involve enduring at least 3 hours of bum numbing awards and prayers whilst scowling at pupils who are (understandably really) bored rigid and wishing that they’d tried a little harder to persuade their parents that the last day was a waste of time and they don’t need to be there.

The end of the academic year brings about a few changes for our faculty (As usual Someone else is jumping ship.) This time it’s not even because they’re fed up to the back teeth, they’re actually going off to greener pastures to learn even more stuff about English Literature. Daz, the man who campaigns in corridors, founder of ETAP is leaving us. 🙁 In ‘the circle’ we are very upset about this departure. There’s one less person in whom we can confide and that famous eyebrow will be seen no more!

Alack, I will no more need to worry whether he’s just joking, I won’t be able to dance along to the funky tunes of the battered “faculty guitar” (Cheers for leaving that for us actually mate!) and we never actually find out where the cue ends and the ride begins.

In short he shall be sorely missed,

In September I have to get used to yet another new dynamic in the faculty. This time it’s not caused by a new arrival (We can’t replace him!) but by the large gap that will be left behind when he finally cycles off into the distance.

Lord Daz we salute you.
Au Revior.


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