One week with the folks…

They arrived just over a week ago and they’ve experienced just one day over 30. It’s been cloudy, rainy and cold (oops) until today (phew). Of course, when I say cold I mean about 20 (at lowest) and I guess, if you’re reading this from the UK, you want to scratch me and spit a bit (oh no that would be a cat). The sun is out today and we’re sat out in the garden. Mum, refusing to stay out of the sun (silly girl) has her legs in the full sun, dad is lounging on the steamer and I’m sat at the outdoor table typing 🙂 It’s probably 25 today. Nice 🙂

We had a great time chugging along the Murray last week.  There were some rather ‘funny’ moments.  The top ten would include moments like when Dad managed to wedge the side of our house boat onto the swim deck of the boat parked next to us as we were leaving Mannum.  The poor kids aboard the boat came dashing out to help us to un-wedge it! Thankfully, their parents were in the shower at the time.  They offered to fetch them but, needless to say, we didn’t really see a reason to draw to their attention the small dilema we had caused.  We managed to sail off eventually, with a little bit of front to back spinny wheeling. 😉

Then of course there was the moment we drove straight over the buoy that was casually floating in the river to mark the entrance of the marina we were heading towards.  The ‘thud, thump’ of a large orange plastic marker bumping under the house boat whilst praying that it would appear (intact) out of the back of the boat, really is the only way to travel!

Mum worked out after taking about 500 pictures of them very quickly , that Cockatoos really are not that rare out here, Dad has sampled a range of  different beers and Matt has had a well deserved rest as we chugged along taking in all the sites.

Since we’ve been back mum and dad have single handedly solved the slow spending that was affecting trading figures here in the city.  Mum has purchased 8 dresses (in three days) and dad has been raiding the likes of Rodd and Gunn for shorts and T-shirts.  I hope they get to wear them again when they get home 😉  At least they get to wear them out here 🙂

Mum has also taken the time to sample the various Lamingtons.  So far, I believe the Michels Bakery one is winning.  Although it was actually the same size as her head! Matt ended up with the mashed up second half of this one.  He, unfortunately, is at work until Xmas eve.  At least it’s going to be all sunny and nice this weekend 🙂

We’re planning to be on the beach on Saturday.  I bought a couple of tent poles and was planning to place a tarpauline on them to create a bit of shade.  We’ve purchased a 50L cool box Esky and are nearly ready to go.  That was until Ma’ spotted the gazebo in KMart that has sides to prevent flies.  Now there are threats of xmas decorations.  Ah well.. It’s Christmas after all!  Matt pulls faces when I carry a chair down there!  Goodness knows what he’ll think on Xmas day as we set up camp! 🙂 Fun, fun, fun!


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