Pinkies and Floyds

So, flicking through the paper on Sunday i noticed an advert for Roger Waters and the Dark Side of the Moon. Pink Floyd’s bassist would be performing the album live, with a new set of musicians at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. LOF rang up immediately and paid $130 each for 2 tickets.

We went last night to see the show and I was very pleasantly surprised. I occasionally pick Pink Floyd on LOFs I pod to chill out to whilst I have a cuppa but I didn’t expect, if I’m honest, to enjoy the show as much as I did.

The musicians were clearly passionate about using their talents to connect with their audience and inspire them (even if one of them made me laugh because he looked like he’d be right at home with Wayne and Garth!)

Being a teachy type I urge the gang to listen to “Shine on you Crazy Diamond” then read “Before you were mine” and then listen to ” mother” from the “wall” album before re-reading Your shoes…

This music is really, really good. TO me really, really, good music is when instruments and voices come together to create something worthwhile. In the same way that I have always been passionate about literature’s ways and means of sending hidden messages to the reader – i know that all good art does the same thing – including music. That;s why I always preferred Choral/musical singing because to be a part of the feeling of connection with the audience is like nothing else. The same feeling I get when I teach a lesson that the kids really get and engage with.

I was conscious of LOFs lofty musical ambitions and the fact that he has no guitar to play until what looks to be late March/early April. I think he was a aware of that too. Poor thing.

Anyway, I digress, the show was , to coin LOFs new favourite phrase “Awesome” (attach appropriate accent of choice) and, if you don’t care for the chilled tones of P.F. you’ll love the pyrotechnics, video clips and remote control flying astronaut and pigs! I kid you not.

I was well impressed by this chap although he did have glowing red eyes ???

All in all that concert reminded me that all art should be created for a purpose. I know that some of the stuff I have connected with over the years has been considered rubbish by others but each on of those songs has been significant for a reason and that’s what makes them special no matter how “psyched(ed)” they were they are all “back for good” right now and helping me to remember you lot back home πŸ™‚


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  1. Mummy Cow 13 years ago

    Saw ‘The Wall’ tour at Earls COurt a hundred years ago and it was fantastic. What a load of different experiences you guys are having!

  2. Anonymous 13 years ago

    Art like the art film ‘the terminal’?



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