Preparations have begun!

Sawing Matt

Notice anything different?

The cats arrive tomorrow and so a few things have to be finalised to make the house the kitty haven they deserve.  First of all (unfortunately for us) there are still live snacks available in the kitchen.  Matt saw one moving under the cupboards this morning when we were measuring the size of the holes created by missing kick boards in the kitchen.  We have asked the landlords’ permission to complete their kitchen by putting something in the hole.  This isn’t a selfless thing, of course, it’s because the first thing Hen and Stan will do is go exploring… especially if there are mice under there!  It might also make it more difficult for the micies to get under there – although we have seen them squeeze out of a tiny hole under the breakfast bar and dishwasher so we don’t hold out too much hope for that one.

We’ve also made several trips to various pet shops in search of cat accessories.  We only managed to pack one food bowl, for example, so we’ve had to by a new one of those, some food and a rather large self enclosed cat loo.  As there’s no cat flap so, I imagine (unfortunately), that that will become a semi-permanent feature of the kitty set up.

Pet shops are fun though.  There are always pets in boxes and as N8 girl says it’s a bit

Rag Doll Kittens

Yeah.. Wot? PICK ME OK?

mean having them in such a tiny place. You do feel like you want to take them all home NOW! – I guess that’s part of their clever plan. Excitingly for mum, today the pet shop had some rag doll kittens.  I was chatting away to them asking them if they were meanies or cuties.  Matt just said “Oh hi dum dums!” and wandered off to look at rabbits 😉

They also had some loose pet parakeets – like the ones you often see wild in the bushes outside the house.  These were very tame and, in my wisdom, I decided to invite one to sit on my finger.  He did and very quickly requested a hand up to my shoulder.  “Cool” I thought. But, before I could even begin to pretend to stand on one leg and teach him to repeat “Pieces of eight!” he had climbed up my hair and onto the top of my head (Budge Budge style -that was Noj’s budgie) and was clawing and pecking my hair thinking “this is great”.  He started squawking away to his little parrot friend (who was still on the perch) and he looked like he might join him.

Now, the problem with a parrot on your head is that you can’t see him. You can feel your hair being back combed repeatedly by feet but you’re not sure which way around he is. I needed to get him out of my hair and Matt refused to help.  He probably thought the whole situation was far too amusing for words (and was worried he’d get bitten).  I did eventually manage to persuade him back onto my hand and onto the perch! Fun fun fun fun! 🙂 The bird looked like he’d had a great time and was very eager to hope back on!  lol

car - Toyota Camry

Now, in order to get to all of these exciting places it’s very handy to have a car… We have one! yay! A burgundy (how very OAP!) Toyota Camry from 1999.  Cars are much, much more expensive here when they’re second hand.  They still don’t lose their value!  This car cost us £4,448.63 and it’s over 10 years old!  Ah well, you just have to go with the flow.  It drives well and has only done 135,000 KMs which isn’t too bad in these parts.  It certainly helps us get from A to B.

The astute amongst you might have noticed something different in the first picture I showed you… You all know it’s not Matt doing DIY – that happens a lot. So what could it be?  I’ll leave you with another clue 😉

hair on the floor


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  1. N8 Girl 9 years ago

    Is he laying a new floor in a hairdressers? Mate, you could have done that in this country! Come back! We’d like a new floor!

  2. nojs 9 years ago

    […] the term towering genius was invented. Like Einstein, 300 years later, his work ushered in a newRockinMochin Blog Archive Preparations have begun!The cats arrive tomorrow and so a few things have to be finalised to make the house the … of my […]


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