Rain, Rain…

This has been the weather for most of this week:

It rained so hard on Tuesday that, despite wearing his cagoule, Matt had to return to the house ten paces after he’d left it to get changed. He ended up going to work in his Motorbike waterproofs! It’s been wet, wet, wet... That’s great news for South Australia. It’s been a very hot and dry summer and there are allot of Tweeters getting very excited about the rain and the amount of rain in their water tanks. I, on the other hand, would call upon the people of Birmingham to check the where about of the Howards. The last time it rained like this was when they came to visit us! :p

Tuesday morning – when the storms and rain started – I was on the sofa at 4am watching the duck paddle on the pavement. The Creek rose about 4 foot outside, flooding the decking and creating a little billabong of the trees. The millions of ants that live in our lawn were forced to abandon their nests and take up refuge in our post box. I, unfortunately, discovered that when i went to get the post and got bitten by about 20 of the buggers as they poured out of the letter box. ARGHH! Thank god for ant sand!

Yeah. Check out ma BLING!

Apart from the rain this week has been uneventful. I was poorly on Monday night – that’s why I was awake at 4am Tuesday watching ducks – and spent Tuesday and Wednesday recovering before an all day gig ( i know! a WHOLE DAY of work!) on Thursday for the independent schools association. We did get a visit from Stormy the cat’s parents (notice it’s stormy not stoney – i misheard i think , they mis-spelt!) who brought us a thank you card and a $50 dinner voucher for the local pub. Very nice of them and totally unnecessary god love ’em! I have taken on board the RSPCA and Animal Welfare Leagues response to Stormy’s predicament though. I’ve bought Stan and Hen some bling with their name and my mobile number on it. That means if the decide to go for a wander then it will be very easy for someone to call me and tell me.

I’ve been to see “How to Train Your Dragon” today too which was cool. Even cooler were the kids sat around us who were totally awe-inspired by the 3d element of things. Great fun watching them grab for things and go “ooohh” when things floated about in front of them. Matt’s also had a new mobile phone (The number’s still the same). He’s found a “farted” app for it and it’s keeping very much amused! Hope you all had a good week!


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  1. Mrs H 9 years ago

    Not raining here!! Very glad for you, it has been so dry for so long.

  2. Mummy Cow 9 years ago

    We’ve got sun!!


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