Red back number 3

Is now dead but was living on the garage door.

We were spraying the numerous ants which have been living outside for a while now and taking it in turjs to invade the house either by the front or back door. Having completed the back we decided to take a short cut through the garage to the front. This was where LOF saw the 3rd redback as the garage door electronically rolled up, spider still attached – unfortunatly without squashing 8 legged murderer. Regardless o what man in Bunnings said Lof went at it with the can of industrial strength spider killer and it promptly died.

He then made the “wise” decision of spraying all along the edges of the garage walls. This was when all manner of spiders were released and tried to crawl towards us at the exit. Dear GOD! I’m calling the men in, the ones with the bombs and sprays and guarantees that nothing will bite me…

and LOF wants to get citizenship!! Bugger that! IN England they’re scary and harmless – an small. Here? Burrrr.


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