Roller Coaster Week

Back at the Beach soon

(That title’ll attract some people from google looking for thrill rides. Sorry to disappoint!)

It’ s been another funny ol’ week. We contacted some estate agents so we could decide whether we would add another agent onto the house; we’d had no viewings from the remaining agent. As soon as the appointments drew nearer we ended up with an appointment to view.

A lovely couple, who were young, had two cats etc came around and seemed to really like the house. They were here for 40 mins strolling and asking questions. Then they made a second appointment! That created mixed feelings in the house. I actually felt a little sick! I’d talked myself into believing that we weren’t going had made extra efforts to get involved in England things again and try and lump it here. It came as a bit of a shock that there may be a chance I could go and I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. We also had a call to say another couple were interested and would like to view on Thursday. At the beginning of the week we were mentally ordering the shipping, requesting tubs back from SPAN, setting up cat flights and walking down the beach to a coffee house in Henley.


It’s all gone quiet :S. i Refuse to use sad faces however as we still dont’ know the outcome and in pure “The Secret” manner I’m going to continue to visualise the next few hectic weeks as packing and organising.

The second couple didn’t come on Thursday and the other couple who really did love the place are having the weekend to consider whether they want our house or one that they’ve seen in Churchhill North. Considering they wanted to be closer to work in Stratford i’m hoping they’ll pick us! lol

Can everyone keep everything crossed πŸ™‚ and imagine their free accomodation in Adelaide. Positive thoughts make the world go round πŸ™‚


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  1. Sally 11 years ago

    offer them a bit of cash back if they hesitate – worked for me! Good luck x

  2. Ezz 11 years ago

    Good luck!!!!!!


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