Ross gets married

The first one to get married out of the old school gang was Ross. He married the lovely Amanda on Saturday. I’ve added lots of pictures to my Flickr account (See that scrolling image thingy on the right!) if you’d like to see more pictures.

Ross looked happy and Amanda was wearing a very beautiful dress .

It was really lovely to catch up with Ross and Ferg, Especially on a lovely occasion like this. Like most women, I love weddings 🙂 I also got to see Noj (who I haven’t seen fro years) who looked a little shell shocked by my usual loud and chatty behaviour. I’m pretty sure he didn’t want to kill me though lol.

Dunk and Noj did have a funny moment where one of the guests asked whether they were “together” lmao. But as I pointed out to them, at 16 and 19 perhaps they’re not to familiar with the idea of a couple of male mates sharing a pint and catching up. Dunk looked mortified though so I am sure he’ll appreciate me mentioning the entire incident on the World wide web!

Amanda didn’t throw the bouquet which was disappointing ( I was hoping to catch it and then really freak Matt out ) but the chocolaty cakey things where particularly good… mmmm.

It was crazy to have part of the old school gang back together again after a very long time. My haven’t we all grown up!

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