Sellicks Beach – “Reckie”

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When you’re on the Expat forums you here people deciding to fly over to go on a “reckie”. This involves flying out and hanging out in Aus to see if you like certain areas etc. We’re living in the more Northern of the Western beaches at the moment and we’ve been considering where we’d like to live more permenantly. We’ve had our eye on Sellicks beach ever since we drove through it on our way to Kangaroo Island last time we were here. It’s a lovely beach town about an hour south of Adelaide CBD and it’s a lot more under developed than the area we’re living in . In fact it only seemed to have a Post Office and a Pizza house there! It is about 15 minutes from the bigger town of Noaralunga where there are loads of shops and things. I guess it would be like living in Studley, and popping to Redditch for shops etc. Except… it’s next to the beach and prettier.

We had a good drive around the streets (which didn’t take us long – not many there) and had a walk along the beach (which is gorgeous). It’s a very lovely spot and it seems to be being developed at the moment. Devine homes are building there and I the whole town is obviously going to tripple in size very quickly. This could mean that once it’s more developed the houses will raise in value and so it would be a good investment… or… it could mean what is currently a quiet and beautiful spot becomes crowded and we’d feel penned in. I guess it depends on the plot of land you choose to purchase for your home.

As you can see from the piccies above it’s a very beautiful place.

We also popped down to the next beach “Silver Sands” which is even smaller and the houses seem to be a bit more spaced out. There was one property with 14Hectares for sale… That’s way tooo big!! lol It’s way to early to be actually putting down a deposit but we fancied a drive and had a good time wandering around on the beach and having a think about where we might be this time next year. It gave us plenty to think about and consider. We’re going to need to think about what our priorities are in the future. We chose Adelaide because we liked being near the city and the beach and moving down there would mean an extra hours journey both to and from work. We’d need to weigh up whether that’s worth it or not. We are soppy gits and we hate it if we can’t hang out as much as possible.

Well it’s certainly given us food for thought … 😉


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  1. maaaark 10 years ago

    “Quick! We’re being shot at! Smyth! Have a recce over that hillock!”

    “A what, sir?”

    “A recce over that hillock!”

    “What’s a recce, sir?”

    “Tsk. Short for ‘reconnaissance’.”

    “Oh right. You could have just said. It’s only two extra syllables.”

    “Don’t answer back, Smyth. Remember: we’re being shot at. Hurry, man!”

    “Yes sir, right away sir.”




    • Author
      Mochinbach 10 years ago

      You cheeky bugger! LOVE IT!


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