Selling up

We’ve been working hard this week to get everything in order and ready for our trip back to ol’ blighty. The car has been sold and LOF has been working hard showing a wide range of people around the house. Obviously, we have both finished working now so that we can get the final bits and bobs sorted before we head off on our final Australian adventure and then our eventual return to London Eng – er – land.

Span and LOM have obviously arrived on this side of the hemisphere and it was great to hear a very happy and bouncy Span telling me about the wonders of Hong Kong the other day. They’re in Sydney now and are still coming to grips with the ol when do I sleep and eat problem that jet lag causes. Poor things. They’ll be cool though and I am sure that Sydney is right up Span’s street. She did tell me the other day that after being in Hong Kong her and LOM first thought of the word “QUAINT” when they got there! LMAO I think most Aussies think it’s the biggest most sprawling metropolitan place ever! 😉 They’re right though, they are staying in the older bit and it is lovely and ‘quaint’ in it’s own way 🙂

We’re off to join them in Melbourne this coming Wednesday and then when they coach of down the Ocean rd. we’re heading to Tasmania for 2 days to see what’s over in Hobart. I have been told by several locals that Tassie is ace and that 2 days isn’t going to show us very much at all but I say a quick visit is better than no visit at all and I am looking forward to seeing it. It’s supposed to be more untouched. I do hope it has more going on that Kangaroo Island though!! lol

Of course, it was always my plan to make sure that, one way or another, we got to Tassie. It is the home of Cadbury world Australia!!! As a resident of B’ham it is my duty to go and check that out and have a word about the ingredients that they are putting into their cadburys here!!! tut tut tut! 🙂

We’re back to Adelaide on the Monday where we’ll meet up with Span and LOF at the end of the Ocean Rd, Adelaide :). We’ll stay in the house for two days and then we have to hand the keys over on Wednesday. We leave on Thursday the 6th on route to Bangkok. Please don’t be suprised if you receive a christmas present from their! – if at all!! Chirstmas has been far from both of our minds lol. We’ll explore Bangkok for a couple of days and then get back on the plane to London; arriving in London in the early hours of the 10th of December.

Not long now folks!

I have mixed feelings about returning:
What if it’s not the same in the UK now?
What if I ‘ve changed soo much that I don’t like it anymore!!?
What on earth is it going to be like to work in a fulltime position again and will I resent it if I don’t get chance to carry on what i’ve been doing here???
How will we cope with the cold again?
How cool will it be to see the cats, my breath in the air, the snow, my family and friends……!!! 😉


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