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LOF’s passed out on the bed.  Not sure if that’s due to jet lag, heat or stress.  He’s fine though… all sleepy and snoozy.  Whilst he dreams of sausage sandwiches and Eva Longoria I’ve run off to the beach and back 😉 ! I wrote a message for the seagulls to read as they flew by.  Not sure how this information will be useful to them but I thought it only fair to share ;).

We’re now staying at Adelaide Beach Front Park in a cabin that was probably screwed together in the mid 1980s.  It’s not anywhere near as glam as the cabin at Adelaide Shores that Span is more familiar with but I’m using that as inspiration for finding a new house.

What a hideous mess! lmao!

Every time I speak to someone the first thing they want to know is “what’s the weather like?”.  Now, I know that it’s wet, minus 3, dull and boring etc in the UK but here it’s warm, sunny and about 35 degrees. I’m wearing a bikini top under my dress rather than a bra… too hot for one of those boned monsters (You know what I mean ladies! – Boys, sorry for mentioning bras… it’ll be alright soon i promise !) The sea is warm and the sand is just as it was when i left it… sandy and lovely and soft between my toes 🙂 LOVELY!

It was a hard journey back. I had completely forgotten how strange it is to have to sit still and be relatively quiet for such a long period of time, but it really will be worth it in the end. I’m sure of it.  It makes such a difference when the sun is shining.  Makes you more hopeful and sunny inside.

Yesterday, when we finally made it back to Adelaide’s welcoming shores we drove to the supermarket where I bought lots of local delicacies like:

  • Proper raisin toast
  • Pura Milk
  • Iced Coffee in a carton!
  • James Boag beer
  • Bundy Ginger Ale
  • Sunflower and 5 seed bread
  • Anzac Biscuits

YOM! LMAO.  I was a little excited as I remembered what I liked before we left.  I’m sure it won’t take me long before I start missing “real” Cadburys or Bisto! In the mean time I’m happy to get excited about relatively mundane things! I also bought me an Internet dongle which means that I can connect to the Internet where ever I am and is allowing me to send this post and place all my piccies on flickr.  It also means that I can be on Skype regularly too.  Unfortunately, you do have to pay for the data amount you use so no WOW for me yet.  That would cost a bomb!  That will have to wait until we find a home and can install an internet connection of a more traditional nature.

Our Current Home Sweet Home!

We also went to our ‘usual’ chippy yesterday.  The women in there was very excited to see us and wanted to know all the details as to why we were back.  She greeted us like old friends saying “We never thought we’d see you again!” in a suitably dramatic manner.  It did worry me that she was so emphatic in her response… exactly how many chips did we eat last time we were here??

Today has, so far,  involved eating the aforementioned raisin toast and, after readying ourselves for the day ahead, we took a little drive around the southern suburbs of the city in search of a place to live. It was nice to get out and about in the hire car but we didn’t really find anything that we thought fit the bill.  Not just yet.  There was one beautiful house in Hallet’s Cove but it was directly opposite a railway station and track (Stan would love that!) and another one which had an Acre of grounds to it.  Now this one I would probably consider if we were looking to buy.  It has an awful lot of potential and is dying to be loved and looked after.  Unfortunately, it would drive me crazy if I rented it.  I’d need to spend money on it and I’m not really prepared to fix up someone else’s home and garden for them! I need my money for my own future house.  Ah well, alls well that ends well and we have plenty of time yet.  As mother says “don’t rent the first house you see”.  Maybe it’ll be the 20th?? Who knows.


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  1. Mummy Cow 10 years ago

    You’re really there! Loving the pics – especially the wind-swept Sel! Btw, it’s v sunny here too – just not quite as warm…

  2. Debbie 10 years ago

    I’m loving keeping up to date on your adventures…how was New Year’s Eve? Did you manage to see midnight or had you passed out from Jet Lag?
    I went to a fancy dress party as Nessa from Gavin and Stacey…my Welsh accent got progressively better as i drunk more Strawberry Dakiras.
    We’ve already been looking at flights for the Summer so you might just intice me over to the land of Oz xxx

  3. barmouth station 9 years ago

    […] … I went from Chester to Barmouth on a bus last summer while I could still use my bus pass. …RockinMochin Blog Archive Shh… He's AsleepThere was one beautiful house in Hallet's Cove but it was directly opposite a railway station and […]


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