Silly Sites and Hunting

At the moment I spend at least 2 hours a day searching for valuable teaching resources for the users of teachertechnologies.

Sometimes I come across sites which are awesome but I can’t put them on TT – they’re nothing to do with learning!

Check this out:

Sooo fun!

Now this site contains a guitar tuner which is useful for Music teachers… so… The question is… should I add it to the site anyway.  I have to be honest… If I was teaching the kids would so get to sing in the show or play air guitar at the end of the lesson 😉

These guys did make it onto the list. Brain training is what we’re all about.. Having said that I played the games on here for far too long yesterday for it to still constitute work.  I mean I do have to test the sites but I’m not sure playing “bird watching” counts does it?  😉

On the note of bird watching.  Hendrix brought me a pigeon yesterday.  We’d just sat down to dinner as he approached the french doors with a great big crested pigeon in his mouth.  The funniest thing about it was that he couldn’t work out what to do next. He’s used to his cat flap being low and he would have tried to wedge it in through it to deliver his gift.  Unfortunately for him (and fortunately for us) he has to jump up quite high to get in through an open window at the moment. He couldn’t hold it in his mouth and make it up that high.  That meant he was just wandering around with it… Needless to say, dinner doesn’t look so inviting if a cat keeps bringing a dead animal to the window.  Matt got rid of it for us.

Then, almost as if he’d worked out the problem with his last present he decided to bring me a gecko (possibly the one that used to sit on the window every night – the one pictured with Stan in another post).  I called him in at 10pm and was very surprised when he obeyed and bounced through the window without question – doesn’t normally go that easily.  I wasn’t so happy when I saw he had something in his mouth!  The worst thing was that Geckos lose their tale when threatened so as he jumped into the room it’s tale detached and started writhing under the ironing board. He still had the rest of it in his mouth.  I assumed he had two objects and ended up getting Matt of the phone to his mum to help me!  Honestly, the poor thing. Not sure if it survived but we put it (and it’s twitching detached limb) outside and kept the murder in.

I guess this means he’s settled!


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