SLC – Part 2

Me: Morning. I’m just calling to check that you have received a facsimile from me this morning.

Him: Right. Well if it’s been sent this morning it won’t have been recorded on our system just yet.  You’ll need to call back

Me: Could you give me an idea of how much time you need to record it’s arrival?  When should I call back.

Him: Well, a fax is treated like a piece of mail so it will have been picked up and placed with the mail to be distributed to the correct department.  As you can imagine we receive a lot of post and so I Would expect that your fax will be sorted and recorded in about a week.

Me: A WEEK!!? Well. As I have received a rather threatening letter which contains threats which are actionable in less than 7 days I am a little concerned that it will take that long for you to acknowledge my actions today. Am i to understand that you are so overwhelmed with post that that threat was completely empty and unnecessary? I want you to record on the system that I have called to say I have faxed it please.

Him: Yes I can do that for you.

Me: What will happen once they do receive it? Will i get written notification that you have processed the form and that nothing further is required?

Him: Once it is processed a note will go on the system.

Me: Yes but will I get a letter confirming that you have everything you need and no further action is required?

Him: No. Not usually.

Me: Right well that concerns me further. Is there any way I can request some form of communication that this has happened?

Him: You can call back in a week?

Me: No. I’m in Australia and I’d like it in writing.

Him: Ok madam. I’ll diarise that (Noun into verb there!) and ask someone from communications to write to you.


They need a business analyst FAST!!!  DEAR GOD!

To be fair this guy was actually a little bit more helpful.  He even apologised that the last set of forms hadn’t gone too well – Much better at customer service even if he is working for a poorly organised mad house!


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