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Will Ant look as sulky as this when asked to wear a suit everyday at his new job?
Will Ross wear this hair cut at his wedding?
Isn’t Span cute? Is she going to kill me?

Comment away 😉


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  1. MrBogus 14 years ago

    I was going to wear a suit at this job, but it turned out that I didn’t need to. Started out with a shirt, a tie, a decent pair of trousers and shoes; first I lost the tie, then the shoes switched to trainers, then the shirt became a T-shirt, and then the trousers became jeans. Oh, and the five-day shadow came back, too.

    Isn’t scruffy marvellous?

    I’m hoping to do the same at the new place. Maybe I’ll start an exciting new craze. It’s the latest fashion.

  2. SpanAir 14 years ago

    oh my god oh my god oh my god


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