Span’s Birthday

So it was Span’s birthday and we went out for drinks and got horribly drunk! Yeah!

The night started with Pasta at number 135 and then a train into town. We began in Bacus bar, which Aimee was very impressed with and where Span was heard to say “I feel like I’m on some kind ride at Disney Land, Egyptian world or something.” After one in there we wandered over to Santa Fe where we were met by the ‘stags’ Bogus and LOF. Both looking very much like they had just been go-Karting (they had!) and bearing pictures of the stag dressed as a woman with fake boobs.

I discovered that it is worth doing your hair and looking vaguely pretty as, when you’re alone at the bar, the bar man will make too much cocktail constantly (I got four cocktails for the price of 3!) Brilliant!

The party included childhood friend Little Criggy who I haven’t been out with since it was cool to wander the streets of Webheath in search of sweeties from the Post Office. He got really hammered which was fun. It was also quite scary when he asked me what drink I wanted by gazing into my eyes, stroking my hair and pretending he wanted to snog me… Scary. He, of course, thought that this was hilarious.

We left Santa Fe in search of another bar and ended up in the Pitcher and Piano where, in the first three minutes of arriving, Aimee was chatted up by a chav.

We found our usual table (next to the place where the free muffins live) and carried on drinking. Poor ol’ Bogus was being hounded by all to make a move on women, any woman but, as usual, didn’t want to. I don’t understand why… It worries me… a lot. We all just want him to be happy. I guess he has to make his own path though. Lion! Gazelle!

Span and the rest of the gang became steadily more inebriated as time went by and LOF got more and more sleepy. Eventually, after much singing, yelling, chatting and boozing we all went home in a big Taxi…


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