Spring is Springing All Over the Place!

OK. So now I know it’s spring…. As i got off the train this afternoon look who greeted me ….

I also spotted these guys… I LOVE these little birdies. As I have said in previous posts I actually have no idea what their official name is but I have dubbed them ‘Sea Chickens’ because they kind of move like a super model like chicken and live in the water… (Makes perfect sense really when you think about it.. .honestly!) Anyhoo, when I got off the train I noticed 5 little mini, fluffy babies and a sea chicken mummy!  Yay! I’ve never seen baby ‘sea chickens’ before and they are ultra cute! I went and grabbed some bread and look what happened! Isn’t cool the way mum holds the bread in her claw to feed the little ones?

The last animal related story I have to offer involves my classroom at my new job. The classroom I’m teaching in is on the top floor (as usual!) and has an older Promethean Activ board with a projector in the middle of the ceiling (as usual) none of these Ferrari type short throw projectors for me 😉

I usually like being on the top floor because it means the projector doesn’t wobble around when people move about above me.  Instead, it usually sits, steady and controlled and I don’t have to keep orientating the board all the time… That is unless you have a possum in your roof.  Now, that’s something new!  Yep… I have a possum living in the roof! Yay!


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  1. Mrs H 9 years ago

    I think it’s a dusky moorhen. Checked it out on google images. Sea chicken sounds about right to me though!!

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