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That’s all I’ve heard about today. I was also told by three people that I was a stapler thief ( a clear lie) lol The things that people start rows about!

The day begun with a spring in my step. I actually woke up, excited to go to work, at 6:30am. I got up dressed and showered and walked to work! It was actually surprisingly rather nice to stroll in listening to my music. I may even do it again tomorrow. I don’t, however, think that once it’s raining and the leaves are falling off the trees I’ll still be quite so enthusiastic about walking 😉 .

Once I arrived, I tried to spread my enthusiasm around the department. I’m not sure it worked. I actually think that they thought that the happy, bouncing girl in the corridor was a little bit over whelming! lol. NEver?

I was then made to sit in silence for hours ( a very bad plan when you have as much energy as I did this morning). I learnt that the SAT results were 86%. I was wondering how many of the nutters in my group would even come close to a level 5. I was shocked to discover that the class had managed to get 2 Level 6s. 24 Level 5s and 2 level 4s! That’s not right surely. lol. Oh well it’s all good. When they start putting the pressure on the teachers for the value added in their GCSEs I won’t be there to worry about it anyway lol.

The boss was also disappointed that the GCSE results were lower than expected. Erm.. could this be because you pushed them so far with academies and the like that it all went wrong?? I could have told you that a year ago… Oh I think I did lol. Ah well, as we know, my beauties did very well for themselves so, as the Aussies would say, BONZA.

Tomorrow I get to the see the kids for the first time in 6 weeks and I can’t wait. I’ve missed the little blighters.


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