Sunday Wilpena Pound and Parachilna

We were allowed a lie in today. We got up at 6am! woo hoo! I went to bed at 11:30 so got 6 hours sleep. mmm sleep.

We went straight to Wilpena park. Those who are walking wanted to go early so that it’s not too hot. Ironically it did seem quite cold last night and, where as I have become used to sleeping on a mattress without need for a sheet, blanket or any other cover, last night I was COLD! A welcome felling! This probably meant that the temperature was about 20 degrees πŸ™‚ – We didn’t need the air-con either. Unfortunately I’d decided that i wouldn’t need my sleeping bag either and left it on the locked bus. I got cosy under my towel instead.

As i wasn’t walking today i also got dressed in a nice skirt with shoes instead of walking boots. Dave thought this amusing this morning! LOL. I explained that today I was going to be a “lady what lunched” he just looked perplexed and walked on! lol

LOF has decided, rather sensibly i think, that he will pass on the walk. He’s feeling too poorly and is chewing on Strepsil after Strepsil and taking Beechams too. Trust him to get a cold in the desert! Lol. Bless. He’s O.K. Just mute tis all!

He’s going to relax in the visitors centre whilst DE and I go for our fly. (I can see Dunk getting excited lol) He’s got a book and access to egg and bacon muffins so I’m sure he’ll be fine! πŸ˜‰

The visitor centre and park itself is lovely and full to the brim with Kangaroos and birds. We made friends with some black and white birds who like butternut squash cookies!

The flight was really cool and we had the best views in town. We got to see the pound and the ranges either side. We also saw the campsite where we stayed last night! It was over far too quickly though. We returned to the visitor centre for a cappuccino where I wrote another lot of postcards and chatted for a bit whilst we waited for the others to return.

After they had, and we’d had lunch, we headed out onto Dave’s “mystery tour” across the gorge and into Parachilna (Standard Population 5!! lol)

I later discovered it was a “mystery tour” because he didn’t have a plan! We went along dirt tracks and visited lots of lovely look-out spots. We also went Wallaby spotting on the rocks before we got to tonight’s accommodation. All good fun!

The place we are staying at is made up of loads of porta cabins πŸ™ It does have a pool and a pool table though so it’ll be fine for one night :).

Adelaide, civilisation and hotels tomorrow! Woo Hoo! It’ll be very strange without Nazi Dave to spur us on and wake us up. I”ll have to cope with a good nights sleep too… how terrible! πŸ™‚

Dave and D E prepare dinner – Emu, Kangaroo and camel. Eughh


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