Surfers Paradise? mmm

Well last night was the worst night ever. I only had one glass of sangria whilst everyone else got drunk as a skunk because I was sensible and wanted to stand up on my board the next day. I didn’t count on the snoring, the heat, the clicking fan, the throwing up at 3:30 am, the going hot and cold all night and not being able to feel at a human temperature unless I fell asleep on the porch outside. Not a good nights sleep.

On the up side some kangaroos were watching me at about 5am, Kookaburras woke me up laughing at 5:30am. (they’re like kingfishers without colour), i saw a rat around the water tank near where I was sleeping… It was a great night for wildlife.

I felt rubbish today and didn’t surf. The second beach was really beautiful and misty because it was so hot. I told Tim that I was going to sit out and explained why. I think I must have got sun stroke πŸ™ no good. we’re taking shade down to the beach so I’ll stay under that.

The beach was also cool because it was covered in sneaky crabs who were white with big black eyes on storks. Very cool. I say covered but I only saw 5 so that’s a bit OTT! lol. i tried to get pictures but they bury themselves in the sand as soon as they know you’ve seen them. πŸ™ They’re called ghost crabs apparently.

Matt came in after the first attempt. The second lesson seemed to skip practising yesterday’s skills and seemed to require that you go out into the deep behind the waves. No good for someone who doesn’t like to go beyond their depth. If he was normal in height I am sure that this wouldn’t be an issue. I blame the people who make pools no deeper than 1m97! lol.

So all in all it was a bit rubbish and we made the decision that we didn’t want to stay. We’ll be on a bus at 12:00am to Brisbane and our new home.

Time to stop and settle down I think.


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