The Barnio Returns

It’s strange. Chatting to LOF this weekend we had almost given up on a house, we had almost made the decision out loud to go straight back to Oz after the wedding (even though we both know that this is not a good idea! Not that quickly)and we were both feeling a little more than fed up. I had a headache and a cold and was a grumpy ol’ thing and he had been feeding paper into a printer over and over again in an attempt to get some invitations finished.

Then things started to change today.

I got so fed up in a meeting at work that I suddenly, without really thinking first said out loud what has been in my mind for so long… I told everyone how I felt about it all how it was making me miserable, making me consider a new job and how it was all so sad.

As a result a whole new (hour long) debate started where everyone seemed to sigh and seem relieved. Everyone was surprised but seemed to agree and for the first time in a while everyone was united in something… I felt terrible at the time.
Things were getting desperate and I wasn’t sure I could take much more…
So I said it
and now I know I need to say it again to the right people all at once.
It made me feel a little better to know that it’s not just me. That it’s everyone. I am clearly not going mad and have clearly not got confused about what this job is.

Then… when I left work and met Matt at Span’s house (we stole a tea bag 😉 He told me that he had had a phone call. Apparently the barn’s sale fell through. Do we want to make another offer?? Well well well well well. Of course we do but it’ll be about 8 grand less than we offered last time and we want to use our own solicitors. Are things starting to take a turn for the better?


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