The clocks have fallen and sprun again…

And that means the usual bought of confusion for all concerned ;p

Ok so here it is.

There is now a 10.5 hour time difference between Adealaide and London. This means that as long as you call before 12(lunchtime) we’ll be awake. It also mean that if we get up early enough we’ll be able to catch you in your evening time. So… Mr Bogus.. when I get to work and I see you on GMail it won’t be 1am anymore it’ll be a much more reasonable hour so I probably can’t shout “Go to bed” at you anymore πŸ™

If you want to know what time it is with us use this simple formula:

Take away 1.5 hours from your current time and then go opposite. So… if it’s 4pm with you then it’s 2:30am with us.
We’re not just 2 hours behind we’re 10.5 so you have to swap am for pm and vice versa.

Take 1.5 off and then if it’s am with you its pm with us.

If all else fails you can check the time on here or left click on us in Skype (when we’re on) and it will tell you our time there too) πŸ˜‰

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  1. Mummy Cow 12 years ago

    Clear as mud – basically, you’re asleep when we’re not. I’ll be so glad when you’re home!
    MC x


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