The Curious Incident of the Cat in the Morn’ Time.

The hours I work change from time to time,  on this occasion I needed to be at work early so I could get prepared for a meeting I was having first thing.  So… I got up early and let the cats into the bedroom…. (mostly to shut up Hendrix who behaves like he’s dying and couldn’t cope  another minute longer without us… “MEOW!!!”) I hopped into the shower leaving Matt with the cats… (“Purrr”). About 2 minutes later I heard “No!  NO!  You don’t F*^&%ing DO THAT! THAT’s DISGUSTING!”.  This was quickly followed by  Matt running into the shower next to me. He stayed in there for 20 mins (no.. not very water wise 😉

What had happened?  Well… Apparently, Stan did his usual trick of turning his back to you and shoving his bum in your face.

Over the years we’ve realised that the best way to get him to stop that is to gently tap the back of his legs; for what ever reason, as soon as you do, he sits down.   Matt had gently tapped his legs but, instead of his usual reaction, the next thing he heard was a light “thud” on the pillow next to him.  This was promptly followed by a cold, wet sensation on the side of his neck….. and a 20 minute shower.

Understandably that put Matt in a very, very grumpy place and I was quite glad to go to work!!

Three hours later we were chatting on Skype and I asked him to keep and eye on Stan.  Obviously, that was an unpleasant thing that had happened but it was also NOT normal and might signal something was wrong.  Matt, once he’d fully calmed  down and was letting Stan be in the same room as him,  checked him over and noticed that he had been overgrooming around his groin.  There was a large red patch that didn’t look good.  So, something wasn’t right.  He called the vets.

By 4pm Stan had managed to chew on that red patch until there was a massive hole where there had once been a lump… Made Matt a little queasy!

All better now!

The vet was very sad to see him in that state. He did suggest that the cold, wet liquid may have been caused by an abscess bursting rather than… well the alternative.  I’m not sure what’s more unpleasant though!

The good news is that both Matt and Stan have fully recovered from their experiences and are friends again.



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  1. Ann Howard 8 years ago

    Poor Matt!! Poor Stan!! (Wasn’t sure about the order to put them in but am fairly confident Stan can’t read. 🙂 )


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