Many of you will have read about an epidemic which had caused schools in the local areas to shut; well I’ve got it. (ARghhhhhhh Crying) Not fair! Not Fair! (Stamping feet)

I got sent home yesterday because I’d gone dizzy, pale and stupid. Even now the words will not go on to the screen as I want. Letters are mixed up and its taking me ages to get them into the right order. ARGhhh. Being an English teacher this makes life difficult when you’re trying to write a word on the board whilst the kids are sayin “er, madam… Don’t the letters go the other way?” “No madame, erm,,, are you ok??” I had to call my Head of Faculty up to my room to sit at the back because I needed someone to stop the students making noise!!! (My god! How daft,,, I’m usually the one making the noise!!) So I got sent home…( in a nice way) and told not to come back until after half term (I’m probably contageous – so I haven’t left the house… )

Those who know me well know that I’m not good at being ill. I generally REFUSE to be ill and continue working until I collapse. It was a refreshing change, therefore, to have a boss who knows what I’m like and who forceably told me to go home, stop being stupid and to stay away.
As it is, I’m not the only one, and the school has had to give Years 8 + 9 two days off so other staff can cover the likes of me who are laying around moaning. So I needn’t feel too bad.

On the positive side (sorry Span) I’ve managed to sleep for 6 extra hours yesterday and didn’t get out of bed until 1pm today. Head hurts though and stomache keeps making bad pains…

I have had the chance to watch Cinderella though (one of my all time favourite films that I haven’t seen since I was about 10!) and enjoyed remembering little Gus Gus the mouse and the evil Lucifer the cat (who looks a little like a fat version of Hendrix). All together now! “Cinderelli!”

Span will be sighing now… Recently, whilst trying to find a film that we’d already watched, to watch while we talked (complicated even then) she discovered that my entire DVD collection is infact designed with a ten year old in mind.

Oh and a big hello to Mike R (A.K.A. Evans) who I’ve recently got back in touch with. It’s fab to hear from you matey. Say hello fellas….


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  1. SpanAir 14 years ago

    So sorry that you are poorly! I am going to ring you now so we can compare sleeping patterns and I can offer you soup, such is the exciting life we lead…..

    And I have recently dicovered that Glenn has Notting Hill on video and loves to watch it over and over, so yours is not the only weird and inappropriate film collection!


  2. mrbogus 14 years ago

    “I got sent home yesterday because I’d gone dizzy, pale and stupid.”

    You know what I’m going to write, so I’m not even going to do it. Hehehahaha!

    Jus’ messin’ wid ya.


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