The most beautiful garden

Last night I had the pleasure of being invited to a neighbour’s 60th B’day party. I had heard many rumours of how these neighbours were avid gardeners and that their garden was so beautiful that you wouldn’t believe it if you saw it. I also heard that, as they had finished doing their garden they had bought half of their neighbour’s garden and had done that up too and that they had built, in this new bit, A PUB!

Now you have to imagine that the gardens in this street are very long (35metres) and a little thin. They are typical 1930s houses with gardens ready to support a large allotment (For war purposes i think) In fact one of the neighbours was telling me that a man used to keep pigs in his garden during the war. I was very excited by this (wondering whether that means I could have pig now!) until he also told me that he used to drag them upstairs and slaughter them in the bathroom “Well he wasn’t going to go without his bacon just because there was war on you know!” Crazy – Upset you can see the picture. My neighbour seemed surprised when I screamed and told him I could never live in that house, fearful for the sound of screaming piggies in the night (At that point I think he wanted run away from me very quickly!)
Anyway I digress….

So… With this massive amount of space there are a lot of things that you can chose to create. Just imagine what happens when you start buying up bits of your neighbours’ gardens too.

I walked in and gave the birthday girl her pressie and card and was told that everyone was at the bottom of the garden (in the pub) so have a saunter, look at the plants and grab a drink. MY GOD! It takes ages to find the bottom and what a journey it is. This garden is a real dream, a secret dream. To look from the front of the house you would never guess that it had a summer house (in the middle) Two massive fish ponds (I mean the size of the swimming pool at LA Fitness) , a bridge, a giant snake carved out of wood, a pub – oh yes a pub and several greenhouses. It truly is beautiful and I am sure that if anyone from the Horticultural society could see it they would give it a gold medal!

It has taken 20 years to develop this garden, This pair have lived here all their life. The neighbours who used to live next door with their mum and 11 other brothers and sisters! (Unbelievable it’s only a 3 bed house!) I can only wish that, if we’re still here in 20 years, my garden will some day look somewhere near this one.

A big cheer for the residents across the road and their gardening efforts.. I’m impressed, amazed and in awe! I think we’ll build a little something at the bottom of ours now 😉


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