The post I should have submitted but was too lazy

Today I feel like talking on here for the first time in ages. I have lots of news… Some of which I am unable to divulge for a few weeks…. Some of which I can share now.

I took these pictures a good few weeks ago… Weeks when it was still warm enough to stroll across the park without a jumper on in the morning.

I took to walking to work you see (Alas it’s too dark in the morning now- I’ve been told by Span that I’m not allowed) Every morning I’d plug my i-pod into my ears and go for a half an hour walk to school. It was really nice and always got me really calm and ready for the school day. No matter what stresses had tried to get at me during the day, when I walked across these fields with the sun on my face, listening to music I love, it always made me feel 100 times better. It really helped me to deal with a lot of stuff! lol

I guess the decision I’ve made will mean that I won’t be doing this walk any more. It won’t get light in time. I’m sure it’ll all be worth it in the end though.


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